It’s March and I’m Tired of Everything

I find it funny how every time it’s halfway through the semester, the rate of motivation that I have for things just plummet. Whether it’s school related, fitness related or social life related, everything seems to have reached its downfall and keeps dropping at a dramatic rate.

Why does this happen? In my opinion, perfection. I try to be perfect in everything that I commit myself to, so whenever I devote my time to something and the results aren’t at par to what I expect, a huge part of me just wants to flip a table and start shit up. Being a perfectionist is my flaw. I give myself such high expectations to the point where when the outcomes are a complete opposite of what I want, it feels like I’ve gone from living in a room filled with cupcakes and macarons to being thrown into a harry potter closet with just a can of beans.

So, if you are feeling like me and you’re at that period of the year where you feel like slamming your head into a wall, here are some dose of don tips that might give you a quick fix:

  • Get yourself a pair of earphones and listen to some music. While you’re at it, pretend like you’re the singer and just go crazy – have fun. Whenever I’m on the down side, a bit of kpop can always be the drug that helps me forget the miseries of life. Just escaping reality for a bit and entering into a world where you’re the star can really bring up your mood.
  • Eat something (and when I say eat something I don’t mean a bucket of fried chicken). Choose something that’s your favourite but healthy as well. I understand that during this time, a bowl of instant ramen sounds pretty good, but don’t you dare open that ramen package. Go over to your fridge, get yourself an apple or make yourself a salad and crunch it up. If eating this nutritious yumminess doesn’t help you feel better, please go look in the mirror and remind yourself that you had the strong willpower to choose it over the package of MSG ramen. Good for you, give yourself a pat on the shoulder.
  • Talk to your friends. I know that this step might be hard since I’m assuming some of you might not have friends that you’re at that comfort level of expressing your concerns to. Don’t worry, if you’re in this case, tumblr is the way to go (you’ll find people who can relate to you and find extremely hilarious posts that will make you piss your pants laughing) or you can go out of your shell, pick the closest acquaintance you got and just vomit your worries. If you do have friends, TALK TO THEM. These people are going to be your support and the people that will be real with you. They will probably give you better advice than I’m giving you right now.
  • Tell yourself “everything is going to work out in the end.” Sometimes all you need is a little reminder that everything is going to be okay. No matter how hard the struggle currently is, know that this current struggle will be a factor that will contribute to the successful future you. Think of it like a car ride to a vacation destination. Sure, the process of getting there will take a while, you will be tired, your bum will burn a bit but once you know it, you’re there enjoying every bit of your vacation. Although, you will look back at the car ride and remember how tiring it was, you will also come to the realization that if you hadn’t continue driving but instead turned your car around to head home, you wouldn’t be at your destination. I guess to sum this tip up is to always think in the long run.
  • Exercise. To be honest, I was just going to leave it at 4 tips but in my culture 4 is an unlucky number so I don’t want to risk anything. Anyways back to exercise, whether it’s going to the gym, doing some Cassey Ho/Mike Chang, or taking up a sport, do something that will make you sweat and release some endorphins. I admit that it’s extremely hard for me to carry out this tip since I’m a lazy piece of poo but whenever I miraculously convince myself to do some exercise, it releases stress and places me into a positive mindset. That positive mindset is so real that after the workout, I always tell myself “if you can get off your ass to do that killer workout, you can carry on with your day without any worries of anything that might come your way. Today is going to be a good day because you started it in a good way.”

So there you have it, a little dose of don to help you get over the mid semester blues and regain some motivation. Remember, as long as you got the willpower, anything is possible. Keep it up, you got a supporter (aka me just in case you didn’t know).


Much love,