Surprise, it’s March 2017

One year ago, I made a post expressing how unmotivated I felt. Funny how it took place in March as well. 365 days later and I’m sad to say that this “bug” is back.

Catalyst: Unexpected Results 
As a university student, I strive to do my best in whatever I do. I have to admit, I do possess a “f*ck it” attitude at times, but I try my best to keep it at a low. I think a lot can relate to me when it comes to unexpected results. Working so hard yet the end result does not correlate to the amount of effort you put in. What makes it even worst is knowing that someone who didn’t try as much as you end up with a better result. It makes me think what the point in trying is and why I should put in so much effort if I don’t get the result that I expect

Moment: Moping  and Discouragement 
Lately, I’ve been circling this phase where I have sudden periods of negativity slaps. I’ll be perfectly fine but before I know it, I enter into a negative zone which consist of moping around and discouragement. Although I always remind myself that this is just a small portion of my life and that the end of the road is much brighter, I subconsciously return into that dark zone.

Goals: Lows as a Lesson
My goal is definitely to become more positive. It’s definitely very board but it’s definitely what my life is missing. I want to absorb the fact that reaching a low doesn’t reflect the rest of my life, rather it teaches me to become mentally stronger and recharges my motivation in order to reach to the ultimate high.

I want to try and update a lot more compared to last year. In 2016, I only made 2 post so I definitely need to up my game this year.